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WINGS was formed at a CEO dinner in May 2009 to address what was identified as the #1 need in the Medical Technology Industry Cluster – local, smart, seed funding.  Angel Investors get the best returns when they invest in their areas of expertise.  WINGS is focused on closing the gap by bringing the wealth of Washington’s medical technology experts to the arena of angel investing. 

WINGS meetings are held 4 times a year, during which 3 to 4 business opportunities are presented.  Any opportunity presented receives rigorous screening by a Committee composed of local Medical Technology experts.  The Screening Committee will only consider opportunities in the areas of Therapeutic and Diagnostic Devices, Healthcare IT, Healthcare Delivery Models, and unregulated biotechnology development tools.

The WINGS Board of Directors is Tom Clement (Co-chairman), Wayne Wager (Co-chairman), Ky Calder, Kirby Cramer (Chairman Emeritus), Robert deGavre, Rob Derry, Joseph Gifford, Stephen Graham, Brad Harlow, Michael Hovanes, Tom Kadavy (Screening Committee Chair), Stefan Kraemer (Chairman Emeritus), Ryan Landon, Oren Lang-Furr, Loretta Little, H. Stewart Parker, Chris Rivera, Dick Rohde, Marcus Smith and Conrad Smits.

The WINGS Screening Committee is Tom Kadavy (Screening Committee Chair),Bob Tassone, Chris Porter, Conrad Smits, David Croniser, John Bowers, Joseph M Gifford, Kuo Tong, Mark Kraus, Martha Feldman, Matt Gani, Nikolaos Pagoulatos, Noel Doheny, Paul T. Parker, Perry Fell, Ram Bedi, Richard Martin, Robert Barry, Royce Morrison, Stephanie Amoss, Steve Dimmer, Susan Engel Morgensztern, Tom Clement, Tony Titus and Trevor Moody.

If you are interested in sponsorship, becoming a member, or have questions, please email info@medtechwings.com. 


WINGS - The Washington Medical Technology Angel Network
1551 Eastlake Ave. East, Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98102

E-mail: info@medtechwings.com

Special thanks to our sponsors for their generous support of WINGS.

WINGS – The Washington Medical Technology Angel Network (WINGS) provides a forum for the matching of entrepreneurs of early stage medical technology companies with investors who are committed to funding high-risk opportunities. WINGS does not evaluate or endorse any of these investment opportunities and makes no recommendations regarding the appropriateness of particular investment opportunities for any investor. WINGS makes no independent investigations to verify the factual information submitted to potential investors and WINGS makes no representations or warranties with respect to the information provided by applicant entrepreneurs. As a result, potential investors must conduct their own investigation of the merits and risks of each investment opportunity, and negotiate the terms of their investment on their own. All investors are strongly encouraged to seek legal and other professional counsel prior to making such investments.

Participation as an angel investor of WINGS does not constitute an offer by WINGS to sell or the solicitation by WINGS of an offer to buy any investment interest in the business ventures of applicant entrepreneurs. Any sale or purchase of an investment interest shall be a private transaction between the entrepreneur and the investor members without any participation by or remuneration to WINGS. WINGS has no financial interest in any firm posted on the WINGS web site or presented to the angel investors. WINGS meetings do not constitute an offer by WINGS to sell or solicitation by WINGS of an offer to buy any securities of any presenter company. WINGS does not function as a broker-dealer or investment advisor and is not registered as such with any federal or state securities regulator.

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WINGS 2014 Calendar

----These dates are subject to change---- Quarter 1 2014
Jan 6 - Deadline to submit application
Feb 12- WINGS Angel Investor meeting

Quarter 2 2014
Apr 7 - Deadline to submit application
May 14- WINGS Angel Investor meeting

Quarter 3 2014
June 9 - Deadline to submit application
July 23- WINGS Angel Investor meeting

Quarter 4 2014
Aug 28 - Deadline to submit application
Oct 8- WINGS Angel Investor meeting